Purchaser Pals Program (3P)

Purchaser Rewards

A unique program for Jesin’s Purchaser, 3P - Purchaser Pals Program is developed in appreciation of customers for their support. Be rewarded with CASH when you introduce your family and friends to purchase from us!
How to be entitled?
Be instantly eligible for this program upon purchasing your first Jesin Property.

  • The rewards may vary in accordance with different participating projects and/or type of properties.
  • The Introducer shall be quote his/her name & NRIC number for reference when referring new buyer.
  • The Introducer shall accompany the new buyer to purchase and submit the completed 3P form on the same day of purchase. If unable to do so, the Introducer shall inform Jesin Group prior to the purchase and submit the completed 3P form via Email/WhatsApp.
  • Referral fees shall only made payable upon fulfilling the following :
    • If the customer is taking a loan, the first progress payment for the property purchased must be disbursed by the financier; or
    • If the customer is paying by cash, payment of the first 10% of the property price must be received by us.
  • Jesin Group shall at its right and sole discretion review or reject any referral application(s) if deemed not qualified, are false or have breached the terms & conditions of the 3P program.


  • "Jesin Properties" means any properties developed by Jesin Group and does not apply to such properties in a sub-sale and/or secondary transaction.
  • "3P" means Purchaser Pals Program (or Program Perkenalan Pembeli in Bahasa Malaysia).
  • “Introducer” means Jesin customers who successfully introduce new buyers to purchase Jesin Properties directly from Jesin Group by executing the SPA and paying the required deposit for the property.
  • "SPA" means the duly stamped Sale & Purchase Agreement executed between Jesin Group and the Purchaser.
  • "Participating Jesin Properties" means any properties that are enlisted in the 3P rewards program. Please note that not all properties developed by Jesin Group participate in this reward program.
  • "Referral Fees" means the reward(s) given to Introducers who successfully recommend participating Jesin properties to new buyers and may be in cash or any other form deemed suitable.
  • The 3P program is valid until such a time when the Management of Jesin Group shall, in its absolute discretion, decide to terminate it.


  • Unless specified otherwise, the 3P program may not be valid for use with other ongoing Jesin Group promotion and discounts. Please enquire in advance prior to any purchase.
  • Jesin Group reserves the right to substitute or vary any of the rewards under the 3P program from time to time without prior notice. Any substitution or variation by Jesin Group of any privileges shall not entitle the Introducer/customer to any claims or compensation from Jesin Group for any and/or all losses or damage suffered or incurred by the Member, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Jesin Group reserves the right to cancel, suspend, terminate or otherwise change the 3P program without any reason or prior notice. Upon such cancellation, suspension, termination or changes, Jesin Group shall not be under any obligation to extend this privilege to its customers, whether existing or new.
  • The Management reserves the right to make changes even if it leads to reducing or cancelling the referral fees, without further reference to the Introducer/customer.
  • Jesin Group is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Introducer due to any of the following reasons:
    • failing to notify Jesin Group of the new purchaser being referred;
    • not submitting the required 3P form completely, correctly and on-time;
    • late submission of the required 3P form (note: must be submitted on the same day of purchase and signed within 7 days from the purchase date.
  • In the event of any dispute over the 3P rewards, the decision of Jesin Group shall be final and conclusive. No appeals will be entertained.
  • Jesin Group may and reserves the right to use, collect, obtain, store and process all or any of the customer’s personal data provided by the customer to Jesin Group pursuant to the purchase of Jesin properties for the purposes of keeping the customer informed or sending to the customer updates, news, promotional & marketing mails or materials from Jesin Group.
  • In consideration of the customer’s provision of their personal data to Jesin Group, customers shall be deemed to have consented to Jesin Group storing & processing the personal data and disclosing the personal data to relevant authorities or third parties where required by law or for legal purposes.
  • Employees of Jesin Group and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in this 3P program. Immediate family denotes spouse(s) and children.
  • By participating in the 3P program, the customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • Jesin Group reserves the right to add, delete or amend any terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
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